Discontinued apprenticeships: costs, trends and opportunities

The Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training hosts its 1st national conference on 9 September 2016

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«Discontinued apprenticeships: costs, trends and opportunities»

Apprenticeship contract termination presents a major challenge for VET systems. The young people concerned need to be able to rapidly resume upper-secondary level training if they are to avoid dropping out of a VET programme completely.  Apprenticeship contract termination often is a major psychological burden for the affected young people and has a decisively negative impact on their future career and income prospects. Furthermore, significant costs for society arise when young people do not manage to resume training.

At this conference, the state of knowledge of apprenticeship contract termination will be presented and discussed with affected individuals, VET specialists and skills development professionals. In the right hand navigation frame of this webpage, you will find the detailed conference schedule, information about keynote speakers and brief descriptions of the projects to be presented.