Emanuel Andreas Wüthrich

Wüthrich Emanuel
Work experience

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2015 – todayHead of Swiss International VET Academy and Senior Lecturer,
Senior Advisor International Relations Unit at SFUVET
2012 – 2019Lecturer for pedagogy in VET at the University of Fribourg
(mandated by SFUVET) 
2012 – 2015Senior VET Consultant in the international field at SFUVET
Project Design, Curriculum development and implementation
of two pilot professions in Bulgaria, design of teachers training in India.
2009 – 2015Project manager at SFUVET
Development and implementation of qualification profiles
and curricula, counselling and training mandates at several
VET schools and colleges on efficient learning in VET.
2006 – 2009Self-employed counselling in education
2005 – 2008Social Pedagogue in a youth institution
1995 – 2004Diverse replacements of teachers in different kind of schools


2011 – 2012    CAS in University Didactics
2010 – 2011CAS in Diversity und Gender Equality Competencies
2006 – 2008Master in Social Pedagogy and Vocational Pedagogy,
University of Fribourg, Switzerland
2002 – 2005Bachelor Social Work,
University of Applied Science, Bern, Switzerland
2000 – 2001Health College Natura Medica, Zurich
1995 – 1997Studies in Psychology, University of Bern
1995After Primary and Secondary School, Swiss Matura Type D (with Spanish)


Teaching experience
2017 – Today   

Head of Swiss International VET Academy, Senior Lecturer

Leading a team of 3 persons, conceptualisation, organisation, and implementation of courses of the Swiss  International  VET Academy,  including communication and promotion. Elaboration of digital course offers.

2015 – Today

International Senior Advisor, International Relations Unit, SFUVET

Fact finding missions, project interventions (workshops) and counselling in the field of VET including curriculum development, teachers training, mentors training, methodological-didactical counselling, mindset training, workshops on attitudes, VSD-system counselling in several countries among them Singapore, Scotland, England, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Peru, Kosovo, Albania, India, Greenland, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Qatar, Latvia, Austria, Germany, Ivory Coast, Cuba, North Ireland, Belgium, Denmark.

2012 – 2019

Senior Lecturer at the University of Fribourg

Conception and conduction of 5 Modules of 5 ETCS with the objectives that students are able to:

  • Explain the Swiss VET System
  • Explain the tripartite conduction of the VET-System
  • Explain the role and tasks of every stakeholder
  • Describe the tasks and pedagogical roles of each learning site
  • Plan a competence oriented lesson for apprentices
  • Describe the specificity of the apprentices
2009 – 2015

National and International Project Manager at the Centre for Development of Professions, SFUVET

On international level:

  • Fact finding mission, counselling of the project design and intervention strategy in Bulgarian dual-track implementation project (SDC)
  • Creation of adapted tools for elaboration of new VET-curricula and syllabi in Bulgaria
  • Elaboration of analysis and curriculum, incl. syllabus of 2 professions in Bulgaria
  • Collaboration in the Elaboration of PPP-model for the implementation of dual-track VET in Bulgaria
  • Conceptualisation of teachers training for VET teachers in Bulgaria
  • Elaboration of qualification profiles for teachers, instructors and examiners in India (Swiss-VET-Initiative, SERI)

On national level:

  • Pedagogical and methodological steering of 3 VET-ordinances (incl. analysis of competencies, elaboration of curriculum, syllabus and final assessment) and their implementation
  • Analysis of Competencies and Development of a Qualification Profile for a PET-education in Basel
  • Member of the expert’s group “competence orientation at SFUVET”
  • Technical steering of the elaboration of the 10th grade curriculum of the Canton of Bern
  • Training of staff of 6 VET-schools for the implementation of competence oriented training including situation based approach (situation based didactics)
  • Counselling in several bodies steering the development of VET
  • Elaboration of 2 pedagogical and didactical concepts for intercompany courses with associations
  • Counselling in the elaboration of final assessment of 3 professions (associations)
  • Analysis of the quality of the education and training for the “qualified medical assistant”


2009 – 2017

Gender Equality Manager at SFUVET

  • Elaboration of Gender Concept at SFUVET
  • Conceptualisation and Implementation of training to enhance gender competencies of SFUVET staff
  • Counselling of the director of SFUVET for gender equality related issues
2006 - 2009

Self-employed counselling of parents with difficulties in educating
their children

2 mandates for counselling parents and empowering their children in homework and school situations (social behaviour, impulse control, awareness of educational principles and their effects…)

2001 – 2006

Qualified social education worker in a youth institution, Canton of Bern

  • Integration and empowerment of marginalised youth in a youth institution
  • Education, counselling, guidance, attendance in everyday and work related situations incl. night watch
  • Planning and realisation of a one weeks camp with 7 inhabitants of the youth institution


2000 – 2001

Qualified social education worker in an institution for autistic persons,  Canton of Bern

Attendance and empowerment of 3 autistic young persons in everyday and work situations incl. household, cooking, producing handcrafts and leisure time

1995 – 2001

Substitution of Teacher, Canton of Bern

Several, among others long term, substitutions of teachers in different schools and on different levels and grades


Area of expertise
  • Situation based approach in VET didactics and methodology
  • Curriculum development
  • Situation based didactics for teachers and instructors
  • VSD system counselling
  • Generation Z
  • Mind-set analysis and change
  • E-Didactics
  • Holistic approach to learning in VSD
  • Transversal competences
Social Profiles