The work of apprenticeship inspectors

Apprentices receive support from apprenticeship inspectors during their training at host companies who they can contact if problems arise. As well as providing support, they also perform a supervisory role and can grant or revoke training approval. These tasks are rewarding but also challenging.

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On behalf of canton Vaud, Prof. Dr. Isabelle Caprani and Dr. Kerstin Duemmler surveyed 20 apprenticeship inspectors on their day-to-day activities, tasks, working procedures as well as their motivation and challenges when performing their role. They also reported problems. In addition to the frequently mentioned lack of time, they indicated it was sometimes difficult to carry out comprehensive assessments on the quality of workplace learning within the companies. Some inspectors also reported that they have to supervise lots of apprentices and that their work is not always appreciated. Based on these findings, SFUVET’s research team identified various priority measures to improve the situation. They include improving employment conditions and further professionalisation of the role.