Doing Research

Under the term Doing Research SFIVET we unite fundamental principles of what we understand by good scientific practice at our university. The principles are fundamental because we believe they are applicable to all disciplines and methods practised at SFUVET, in the full knowledge that each pursues its own scientific culture, each with its own specific challenges and opportunities. From this point of view, the principles laid down here are not complete, but they are necessary conditions for scientific work.

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How we do research at SFUVET - Doing Research

In the honeycombs you will find information and tips on our topics for good scientific work


  • Open Access - SFUVET researchers share their scientific publications with the public wherever possible.
  • Open Research Data - SFUVET researchers make their research data publicly available wherever possible
  • Research Ethics - SFUVET researchers adhere to ethical standards and act reliably, honestly, respectfully and responsibly.
  • Knowledge transfer - SFUVET researchers ensure that newly acquired knowledge flows back into practice, thus benefiting VET and society as a whole.