Digitalisation and VET - challenges and roads ahead

Swiss vocational education and training has been successfully modernised since the 1990s. However, digitalisation poses fresh challenges and raises the question of whether vocational education and training can adapt successfully. Does the entire system need to be radically restructured or is it enough to build on existing strengths and address weaknesses?

Trend Report Digitalisation
Adobe Stock/Sergey Nivens

OBS SFUVET has taken active steps to determine the extent to which the Swiss vocational and professional education and training system needs to be adapted. This includes analyses such as the SECO-commissioned study on how skills requirements on the Swiss labour market have changed over time. In addition, the literature based trend monitoring regularly reveal challenges that social and economic developments have created for vocational education and training stakeholders in various areas. OBS SFUVET’s third trend report was developed on this basis. It provides suggestions on how the stakeholders involved can shape the system to face the coming challenges posed by digitalisation.

More information on the SECO-commissioned study “Impact of digitalisation on future work skills”.

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