Promoting apprenticeships in canton Zurich

How can the willingness to provide training be promoted? How are the professional organisations currently involved? Which areas of action can be identified? In response to these key questions, the Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training OBS SFUVET is identifying new approaches to the promotion of apprenticeships on behalf of the canton of Zurich’s Department of Education.

Carpenter Training Female Apprentice
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Perceptions of the apprenticeship situation in canton Zurich vary. They differ between political level, the public sphere and the actors involved. Canton Zurich is currently experiencing record levels in terms of existing apprenticeship relationships and vacant apprenticeships. However, there are significant differences between the various sectors: Some sectors are complaining of unfilled apprenticeships and are urgently looking for young candidates, whereas there is a shortage of training places in other sectors, such as IT. Canton Zurich’s forecasts indicate a rise in the number of students at upper-secondary level by 2030. The shortage of apprenticeships is expected to become an increasingly significant issue over the medium term and to extend to other sectors. 

This is why canton Zurich’s Department of Education has tasked the Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training OBS SFUVET with establishing the knowledge base required to provide targeted support for the professional organisations with a view to promoting apprenticeships in future.

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