Nursing qualifications

The wide range of qualifications in the nursing field combined with the extensive interactions between qualification holders on the job makes reviewing and revising training programmes for these qualifications a complex endeavour. Working on behalf of OdASanté and in close cooperation with professionals in this field, SFUVET is working to develop concepts that can be applied to many different professional activities. The aim is to ensure that future requirements in the area of comprehensive nursing can be further developed in a coordinated fashion.

Geriatric nurse helps elderly man out of wheelchair into bed
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The project is being carried out jointly by the Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training OBS SFUVET and SFUVET's Centre for Career Development in cooperation with the Institute for Nursing Science, University of Basel and training experts in nursing and caregiving. In four sub-projects (milestones), we shall identify trends for changed or new nursing requirements and validate these with experts. We shall also compare the desired-actual situation of each professional activity. Finally we shall ensure that the models, tools and methods developed can be transferred into practice.

SFUVET’s lead researcher responsible for this project will work closely with OdASanté's project manager so that current committees or universities of applied sciences may adapt their existing training ordinances on the basis of research findings. The ‘Nursing qualifications’ platform will serve as the project's monitoring group.

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