Dual-T - Phase III-B: Project 10 - Pict & Mark: Exploiting the potential of pictures marking and annotation

In the last few years our world changed considerably in terms of development and adoption of new technologies in daily life and in the workplace. Who could have predicted that bakers would post online pictures of their cakes? And that carpenters would work daylong with a computer in their pocket? In previews phases of Dual-T the main goal was to identify gaps in dual systems and to explore which learning tools could bridge these gaps.

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Along this line, Project 10 will work on exploring how to use digital technologies to improve the integration of classroom and workplace activities into an optimal training process. Specifically, in Pict & Mark we will focus on the following topics:

  • Explore the process of creation and use of visual representation and image annotation in the workplace and in VET education.
  • Understand the dynamics fostering the perceptual elements of the development of professional vision and visual skills.
  • Stabilize and evolve the platform Realto developed in Phase III-A of the project.

The project will use several methods as we did in the previous phases of Dual-T. For the preliminary investigations we will mainly adopt qualitative methods, making use of semi-structured interviews and potentially focus groups for data collection, as well as content analysis techniques for the analysis. For classroom experiments we will continue to adopt a design-based research approach, involving VET stakeholders (teachers, in-company trainers and branch courses trainers) in the design of the interventions. Finally, an experimental design will be adopted for more controlled studies with eye-tracking technologies.

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