Flexible professional education in social pedagogy

SFUVET provides advisory services and shares its expertise in the development of more versatile forms of learning that are more closely aligned with the latest trends: greater flexibility, more personalised approaches, heterogeneity, use of online platforms, digitalisation of content and sustainability.

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The professional education programme to be developed should enable prospective students to engage in more self-directed learning and play a more active role in the acquisition of study content in the given professional field. At the same time, they are encouraged to develop their profesional identity, adopt their own approach to learning/personal learning strategy and choose when and where learning should take place.

Based in Zurich, in the German-speaking region of Switzerland, Agogis is a leading provider of real-world, initial and continuing training for social professions. This professional organisation is supported by 400 social institutions. Agogis is specialised in the provision of professional education, continuing education and training as well as consulting in this field. For the past fifty years, it has worked with host companies and institutions to provide the knowledge, skills and abilities needed by social work and social care professionals.