Monitoring of parliamentary proceedings – Megatrends in VET

Cantonal parliaments and the Federal Assembly regularly deal with VET-related challenges. Policy monitoring involves analysis of all federal and cantonal legislative business (motions, postulates, interpellations, questions) pertaining to VET. This form of monitoring enables identification of the VET megatrends and challenges that are being discussed by policymakers.

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In policy debates, emphasis is placed on issues that call for specific legislative amendments, changes in funding and subsidies or require regulation of certain topics (e.g. pre-internships). By analysing legislative business, OBS SFUVET researchers are able to determine how often the main VET megatrends are addressed and how they relate to each other.

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As in the literature monitoring carried out in 2023, lifelong learning is the most frequently addressed topic in legislative business (35 %). The second most frequent topic is the labour market situation (22 %). Further important topics are upskilling (14%) and the importance of VET (11 %). MPs devote considerably less time to VET-related challenges resulting from the following megatrends: digitalisation, migration, sustainability or globalisation. 

Policy Monitoring in detail

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Reading note: The mind map comprises three levels and is dynamic - for better readability on small screens, the circles can be moved with the mouse. The largest circle in the center of the mind map refers to the evaluated megatrend, which is described in more detail in a pop-up text box. The medium-sized circles represent aggregated topic categories formed by a qualitative, content-based evaluation of the sources. The associated pop-up text box explains the topic categories in more detail. The smallest circles show which subtopics comprise the aggregated topic categories. By clicking on the subtopics, sample articles can be opened where available.