Trend monitoring – Trends in VET

The trend monitoring activities of the Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training (OBS SFUVET) show correlations between current VET megatrends and key aspects of the VET system. This enables technological, economic and societal trends and related challenges for VET to be identified.

Trend monitoring results can be used to quickly identify the main challenges and developments affecting VET, highlighting current changes and developments in practice, research and policy. 
Trend monintoring results can be used as a frame of reference for VET development by:

  • VET practitioners in professional organisations, schools, cantonal or national agencies. They can use trend monitoring results as a means of aligning their strategic decisions with VET developments early on. 
  • Individuals involved in the cyclical review and revision of training programmes. Information about megatrends enables them to determine future requirements for a given occupation or branch of economic activity (see project on nursing and caregiving qualifications).  
  • Teachers. They can use the information to keep their lesson content up-to-date.  
  • The general public. Trend monitoring enables informed debate on education and training.     

The Swiss Observatory for Vocational Educaiton and Training (OBS SFUVET) monitors trends by examining a source pool of documents and articles published by practitioners, researchers and policymakers in Switzerland and other countries. It also takes into account the various policiescovered in the legislative business of the Federal Assembly and in cantonal parliaments. OBS SFUVET researchers have developed their own monintoring method to analyse scientific and technical papers and parliamentary proceedings in order to identify trends and potential challenges affecting VET. Monitoring results are updated annually. Selected topics are covered at greater length in 'trend reports' and brief working papers 'trends in focus', which are intended for public consumption.