Trend monitoring

The Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training OBS SFUVET monitors and analyses developments and trends affecting vocational education and training and identifies innovation potential. Emphasis is placed on general developments affecting VET as a whole, as well as on issues and topics relating to specific cantons and occupational fields.

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The Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training OBS SFUVET uses a self-developed monitoring method to identify technological, economic and social trends and associated challenges for vocational education and training. Trend monitoring is based on a source pool of current scientific and technical texts published at national and international level by practitioners, researchers and policymakers as well as on a general approach to analyse textual sources. Following a multiple-step, systematic procedure, OBS SFUVET researchers screen publications and identify trends and potential challenges affecting VET. From this, further questions are developed and trend topics are analysed in depth. Publications, conferences and workshops with subject matter experts and specialists facilitate professional discussion and the further development of VET.

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Trend monitoring activities are guided by the following lead questions:

  1. What technological, economic or social trends and developments have an impact on VET?
  2. How are key aspects of the VET system changing as a result of these developments? (e.g. employability of VET graduates or willingness of companies to train apprentices)
  3. Where is action needed to ensure that the VET system remains functional and sustainable?

OBS SFUVET has developed a multiple-step monitoring process to systematically address these lead questions.

Monitoring VET trends – Monitoring method and process


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